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e7 Health is a preventative health and wellness company that can meet all of your physical examination needs.  Our physicals are performed by Board Certified Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who can often perform a physical within the same day or next day of your request.  We offer great pricing and service.  We accept appointments, so there is usually minimal to no wait time.  We have two convenient locations to service you.  All of our locations are located in storefront clinics, so often you can park right in front of our clinic.







In addition to our physical exams, e7 Health can provide many other services you may need at the same visit.  In addition to receiving quality health care, you can have laboratory testing performed right in our office. Our providers can also provide vaccinations that may be needed for personal health, travel, work, or school. Diagnostic testing is available to accompany your physical if needed.  The Board Certified Clinician can provide referral to a wide range of specialists as needed including primary care, gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonary, and many others.

   e7 Health can do laboratory testing and diagnostic testing for your physical such as :

  • Laboratory Testing
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Cardiac Stress Testing
  • Chest X-Rays
  • Audiometric (Hearing) Testing
  • Vision Screening